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Personal Profile

In May I moved back to Sydney after ten years in London.

As a fintech founder in London's tech city I wrote the first word of the business plan, raised £300K seed, built a team of 6, a product, and launched in the UK. While navigating complex financial regulation and internal founding docs such as shareholders' agreement and cap table. Through my network I got advice from Michael Hintze on financing and setup.

Recently I started my MBA at USYD to offer my experience and grow a professional network. I was at the Elevate61 event 15 Aug, invited by a KPMG colleague through the MBA.

In the meantime, I mentor startups for the CSIRO and USYD incubators. Last week my teams in those incubators won their first seed rounds, in the ACT Innovation Awards for drone technology, and the Most Disruptive Innovation for immersive VR.

Learning from past attempts at US market entry, I advise teams:

Repeat the market research and granular customer segmentation you did for Australia. Don't assume Australian product preferences move across borders.

A few thousand dollars of professional advice on visas and company formation will save days navigating the websites of the IRS etc.

Areas of experience

  • User growth and engagement

  • Monetisation and revenue growth

  • Hiring, team and culture development

  • Fundraising

Industry Experience

Fintech, drones, greentech.

What's the one thing you wish you had known before moving to London?

There is no shortage of money; there is a shortage of teams who can articulate and execute their vision.

I advise and mentor teams on confident communication, including pitching, and also how to hire A players with emotional intelligence and humility.