Robert DP

Founder & President
Northern Rift Inc

Areas of expertise

Product Invention, Execution (getting complex things done, with remote teams, on time), Strategy, Team & Recruitment.

Industry experience

Founder of two startups focused on crowdsourcing and intellectual capital management. One was the worlds first crowdsourcing platform in 1999, US Patent, global IP transfer, revenue day one, repeat business and navigated it through the .com collapse, acts of god and other challenges on the road to an incredible learning experience.

Prior to founding NorthernRift, I spent 10+ years in digital advertising, where I consulted to multinational's on digital strategy, operations and lead the build & execution of digital consumer platforms across 24 markets in APMEA.

Helping entrepreneurs

Understand the challenges of setting up in new countries (I've done it multiple times), interrogating execution challenges & map a clear path forward, input on strategy and recruiting the right people.

I'm also passionate about helping entrepreneurs navigate the often unspoken 'personal' challenges of creating and building startups.