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Personal Profile

I have worked for Amazon and Google in Europe for most of the past decade, helping them scale businesses and enter new markets. Prior to that, I worked for Deutsche Bank helping them scale their online trading platform through a whitelabel model.

My work has been across multiple industries (see below), with vastly different dynamics.

I now consult to technology businesses to help them do the same, focussing on product management and strategy, operationalisation and scaling, and adapting to international markets.

Areas of experience

  • Product Strategy

  • User growth and engagement

  • Monetisation and revenue growth

  • Partnerships

  • Hiring, team and culture development

  • Localisation

  • Translation

  • Operational Scaling

Industry Experience

Online Advertising, eCommerce, Consumer Internet and Mobile, Geo, Public Data, SaaS, Investment Banking (Forex, Bonds, Derivatives, Online Wholesale Trading).

What's the one thing you wish you had known before moving to the US/Europe?

The US is very insular, and being foreign is not a differentiator except as an impediment. Europe is more open minded.

Hiring and firing is much easier in the US (and in Europe, is much harder).