Philip L

Managing Director
Philip Lange Consulting

Areas of expertise

Corporate Governance, Marketing, Operations, Product, Sales.

Industry experience

Education, Communications and Entertainment, Financial services, Advertising and Marketing, Health Care Industry, Not For Profit and Disability Services.

Helping entrepreneurs

I would like to help start up businesses by assisting them to develop and implement appropriate planning and systems to ensure successful growth. To achieve this I bring to the table experience in new product development, implementation and sales, creative thinking and problem solving and a solid understanding of key financial and business drivers.

I would like to apply my experience in corporate governance and strategy to assist start-ups to understand and develop the desired strategic architecture, strategic blueprints and operational plans and budgets. As an experienced CFO I can provide support in defining key performance metrics and in selecting and implementing appropriate low cost accounting and simple data collection/reporting systems to drive efficient day to day financial management and reporting. My experience in product management and marketing can provide insights into understanding customer purchase decisions and market development.