Venue: KPMG, Ground Floor, 147 Collins Street
Time: 5.30pm
Topic: Disrupt, innovate or get out of the way

Our panelists include:

  • Andrew Cairns, Head of Customer Led Connections, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • John Dyson, Founder and Managing Partner, StarFish Ventures
  • Adrian Giles, Non Executive Director, Adslot and former founder, HitWise
  • Richard Umbers, CIO and Supply Chain Officer, Myer Group
  • Moderator, Sandy Plunkett, Founder, Innovation Clearinghouse

Here's a snapshot of what they will discuss:

In a high stakes global economy, Australia needs new sources of growth. To improve corporate efficiency and advance technology-driven entrepreneurship, innovation and someone to take a risk is required. Sometimes the effort will not pay off, but just occasionally it will and when it does, we find a better process, a more efficient organisational design or an idea that radically transforms how we do things.

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