Jemma C

Executive Director, Strategic Markets

Areas of expertise

Brand Strategy, Business Development, Content, Marketing, Media and Advertising, Social.

Industry experience

I have worked in some of the world's most well known advertising and PR agencies for 16 years, and spent the last 12 months on the technology side of brand communications at Spredfast, a social media management platform. My experience stems from creating the social and digital engagement strategies for many of the world's leading brands - you name it I have likely worked on it, particularly during my time at Ogilvy. My experience both in the US and Europe bring a global perspective to my work which is essential in today's workplace without boundaries. I am a big believer in the power of the digital brand and the importance of bringing the end consumer a story they can relate to around the product, service they want to use.

Helping entrepreneurs

I like to help start ups in the ways I already do - in helping them think about their go to market strategy from a digital branding and communications standpoint. What is the message, how are they going to convey that, to who? I see many start ups finding this piece harder because they assume that just because their doors are open, the crowds are going to come rushing in. Not the case. It is all about being smart with a compelling message, story arc and hook, reaching the right people at the right time and with the right message. I love working with start ups and seeing that 'aha' moment when they realize what needs to be done to get their message out there in an ever-competitive marketplace. I have worked as an advisor to start ups on several Ogilvy backed initiatives and now working at a start up, I have first hand experience of taking my experience and bringing it to my own company, as someone who used to be a customer of my company. Really keen to be a part of Elevate61 - sounds like an awesome initiative.