Bluedot Innovation

Personal Profile

At Bluedot, I focus on commercial strategy, capital raising and corporate governance. Areas of expertise include complex enterprise sales, shareholder and government engagement and organisational culture. Our company has grown to 15 people, with offices in Melbourne and San Francisco. I led the transition to becoming a US headquartered office and manage the US team directly in SF. Our clients include NewsCorp, Ticketmaster and Citibank. We're a global Samsung partner and have had case studies by Google, among others. The founding CFO of PayPal is on our board. I'm now familiar with the process of expanding to the US, recruiting and managing a team, cap raising and development of commercial relationships in the US. I was formerly an adviser to multiple Australian Prime Ministers (cyber policy and economic policy) and maintain close relationships across all levels of government.

Areas of experience

Platforms and channel marketing; Partnerships; Hiring, Team and Culture Development; Fundraising, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Management, Financial Strategy, Legal.

Industry Experience

Our product and commercials strategy focuses on delivering a platform that supports a broad range of verticals, so I've had exposure to a good range of industries. These include location services, marketing and mobile commerce, media, banking and fin-tech, smart cities, real estate. Prior to my current company, my experience was in government, cyber policy and financial markets.

What's the one thing you wish you had known before moving to the US?

How to more rapidly establish a sales and marketing team, as well as how to more systematically test a very large market and quickly implement the results.



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