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Head of Product Marketing

Personal Profile

Business and Consumer Marketing executive for over 20 years across digital, media, technology and advertising industries. I like to contribute for what matters. I've built and led marketing teams at three of the biggest tech firms - IBM, Google and Twitter - helping consumers and businesses of all sizes unlock opportunity via the magic of technology. I specialise in building teams for fast growth businesses and new technologies. I've worked globally, in Asia, Europe and the US, reporting to remote HQ execs and leading remote reports from HQ.

I'm always up for a conversation about new world-changing or thought provoking ideas. I believe more companies would succeed if we understood how to solve the last mile between tech and people i.e. marketing. I'm passionate about helping people to go further and thrive - just ask.

Areas of experience

  • Product Strategy
  • User growth and engagement
  • Monetisation and revenue growth
  • Platforms and channel marketing
  • Hiring, team and culture development
  • Brand Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Business Marketing

Industry Experience

Consumer Technology
Enterprise Technology

What's the one thing you wish you had known before moving to the US?

  • Cultural differences in the way Americans work and approach their work versus Aussies. Work is a significant and major part of the identity of Americans.
  • Hiring talent and what to look for that is different to Australia