Deanna L

Fastlane Consulting - Business Advisers Growth Strategists

Areas of expertise

Brand Strategy, Business Development, Business Models, Community Building, Content, Customer Acquisition, Customer Development, Fundraising, Growth, Marketing, Media and Advertising, Product.

Industry experience

Over 20 years experience in Professional Education, achieving board recognition for Coaching & Mentoring programs.

As a pioneer of Professional Services Marketing, Deanna worked for a number of years both in-house and as a consultant to top tier law firms in Australia and Singapore. My global brand marketing included product launches for Time Warner, Chanel, Vogue and Park Hyatt Sydney.

Helping entrepreneurs

One way I like to help start ups is using my expertise (and passion) with their pitch strategy and presentation. Working through the strategy, undertaking a competitor matrix and gap analysis, identifying the 'why factor' and then preparing language and rehearsing the team during the bid/pitch process. Another way I help start-ups is to undertake a strengths analysis of the management team, or via a strategic review of their business to ensure that their communications are aligned with their business objectives. Often what they do and what they say they do are not aligned. I have achieved a spectacular success rate for clients by using this methodology.