To prepare for the three-day workshop in Sydney and impending trip to the US, we asked our elevate61 finalists a bit about themselves, their companies, and what they were looking forward to most out of their upcoming experience.

What is the most unique aspect about your company that you do different (or better) than anyone?

Most alternate communications solutions – phone calls, texting, emails, enterprise messaging – have forgotten something: the power of relevance and context. With rapporr only those who are relevant to the conversation are connected to contextually solve problems, all within rapporr's secure environment, enabling teams to reach meaningful solutions faster. Currently, many teams default to less secure social and personal messaging tools that don’t have the structure or the context for business. There’s a real need to have all team conversations in one place to ensure sensitive information doesn’t get mixed up with personal communications.

How do you hope the elevate61 program will enhance your personal and professional skills?

We both look forward to broadening their horizons and having the experience of pitching to leading venture capitalists in the US. We hope it will strengthen their ability to network, pitch and secure deals, and increase our confidence and hunger to grow the business.

Can you pinpoint what you’re looking forward to most looking during the US trip?

David Anstee: the advice we’ll receive and the connections we’ll make during this 10-day trip the US.

Peter Tippett: I’m looking forward to meeting interesting people; because I am a great believer that interesting people bring great opportunities.

What innovative company do you most admire?

We both admire Tesla, because like rapporr, it was built with the end users in forefront of all development. Tesla is renowned for being the most people-centric car to date. They are redesigning how solar energy can be used to benefit people rather than creating more profit for the power companies. A beautifully designed product with its users at the forefront of their development in every detail is definitely something we at rapporr admire.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Peter Tippett: I love creating something that hasn't been done before. 

David Anstee: I enjoy listening to our customers; it’s where I find my greatest ideas.

How important is cultivating (or maintaining) an innovative workplace culture for sustainable and competitive growth?

We both agree that an innovative workplace culture is imperative to a company's success. There simply is no other option!