We hope you're enjoying getting to know the 2016 elevate61 participants as much as we are! Today we're introducing Inkling Women, a business that provides Australia’s most energising, inspiring and impactful leadership and coaching programs for current and aspiring women leaders. They help them build the confidence and capability to step into more senior roles and to thrive when they do, and are playing a significant role in reducing the gender gap at executive level in Australia and in building more sustainable and enjoyable workplaces for both men and women. 

We asked Inkling Women to answer some questions about their company, companies they admire, and what they're looking forward to most about the upcoming trip to the U.S... 

What is the unique aspect about your company that you do different (or better) than anyone?

We lift the representation of women at leadership level in global and national organisations – and we do this better than anyone else. 50% of women who experience our products are promoted within 6 months.

How do you hope the elevate61 program will enhance your personal and professional skills?

We’re looking to understand how to launch successfully in the US – and to bridge all the knowledge and skills gaps that are getting in the way of us making this a reality.

Can you pinpoint what you’re looking forward to most looking during the US trip?

On a personal level, I’ve always wanted to stay in Santa Monica! Professionally I’m looking forward to experiencing and getting to know such a big market on a rather intimate level.

What innovative company do you most admire?

Cultureamp – the CEO and founder is the husband of a dear friend, so I have seen it from the ground up. A truly impressive business.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Leading the team, setting strategies to achieve our mission and reading the dozens of unprompted testimonials we receive from women every week.

How important is cultivating (or maintaining) an innovative workplace culture for sustainable and competitive growth?

It’s all important. And it’s at the heart of our customer delight.