We're very much enjoying getting to know the 2016 cohort of elevate61! To prepare for the upcoming trip to the US, we asked the finalists a bit about themselves, their companies, and what they were looking forward to most out of their upcoming experience.

We spoke to Chris Greatrex, CEO, and Justin Domaingue, Tech Lead from Artis Group, a Sydney based organisation that specialises in the design, development, management, integration and support of critical business applications for leading organisations.   

What is the most unique aspect about your company that you do different (or better) than anyone?

The solutions we deliver for our clients are designed and built in a way that makes them ready and easy to commercialise. Apart from crisis and emergency management, Artis Group is also specialised in developing business, cloud and mobile applications for Government, Community, Financial Services, Health and Defence.

How do you hope the elevate61 program will enhance your personal and professional skills?

The elevate61 program help us gain a deeper understanding of another market, like the US, and the opportunities to deliver more solutions/ products in our portfolio. We are used to just getting in and get things done, so this is about great chance get in front of investors and focus how was can deliver BIS to customers on a global scale.

Can you pinpoint what you’re looking forward to most looking during the US trip?

Chris: Meeting the people along the way – inspiring.

Justin: Besides the chance to visit a couple of cities that I’ve always wanted, the chance to see how BIS could fit into the market.

What innovative company do you most admire?

Chris: Artis Group (who else?).

Justin: Atlassian -They have identified that anyone could have a good idea and quite often the people at the face of things can identify where improvements can happen. Offering all staff the ability to get involved and propose new ideas is a great way to move a product forward.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Chris: (CEO) Working with great people.

Justin: (Teach Lead) The favourite part of my job is being able to get involved with the business using the application as well as still being part of the technical delivery. You get the best of both worlds in the sense of accomplishment for delivery plus being able to see the product offer value to business.

How important is cultivating (or maintaining) an innovative workplace culture for sustainable and competitive growth?

Chris: It’s the lifeblood of our company.

Justin: I think it’s very important to cultivate innovation to maintain growth. You never know where the next best idea that could take your product or organisation forward may come from. Continually trying new ideas is the only way you can find out what is going to work.