To prepare for the three-day workshop in Sydney and impending trip to the US, we asked our elevate61 finalists a bit about themselves, their companies, and what they were looking forward to most out of their upcoming experience.

What is the unique aspect about your company that you do different (or better) than anyone?

  • studylane is THE ONLY global, online student recruitment business that covers the international student journey from enquiry to completed application and placement
  • Empowering the student to Search, compare and apply for thousands of courses globally

How do you hope the elevate61 program will enhance your personal and professional skills?

  • We believe that the elevate61 program willassist us in becoming better leaders and successful entrepreneurs
  • We look forward to learning from the entrepreneurs that have gone through the process themselves and to hearfirst hand about their challenges and ideas
  • We look forward to working alongside other business leaders, who have accomplished amazing successes in their own entrepreneurial efforts in different verticals
  • Leveraging the KPMG global network for solutions and key market entry strategies will be key to our success
  • Learning how to avoid unforced, costly errors through exposure to others experiences
  • We look forward to the personal growth journey via the KPMG mentorship

Can you pinpoint what you’re looking forward to most looking during the US trip?

  • Expect to meet other founders, to share ideas and problems/challenges and to learn from experienced people.
  • Excited about pitching to US investors and their expectations and differences
  • Learning how best to launch our offering in the US
  • Keen to meet potential strategic alliances through KPMG
  • Looking forward to learning ways to focus and accelerate the development, fine tuning, marketing and monetisation of our offering

What companies do you admire?

  • Google – one of those amazing companies that keeps evolving and innovating to keep us all engaged.
  • Atlassian- a young innovative team of highly successful entrepreneurs

What’s the favourite part of your job?

  • Seeing our students succeed in our programs and achieve their goals
  • Delivering a solution that provides transparency and trust and growing a brand new innovative technology solution

How important is cultivating (or maintaining) an innovative workplace culture for sustainable and competitive growth?

  • Extremely important as we are in a very competitive industry
  • We need to cultivate a strong passionate team with a competitive and innovative spirit