To prepare for the three-day workshop in Sydney and impending trip to the US, we asked our elevate61 finalists a bit about themselves, their companies, and what they were looking forward to most out of their upcoming experience.

What is the unique aspect about your company that you do different (or better) than anyone?

NewBook is Australia’s leading ‘All-in-One’ cloud based management system.

There are two main parts to NewBook’s management platform; one being a PMS (Property Management System) with a sole focus on and the tourism and hospitality industry and the other a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) encompassing all other business categories.

What separates us from the rest and what makes this platform unique, is the ability of NewBook’s PMS and CRM Systems to provide a complete spectrum of services and solutions which can be individually tailored to any business, regardless of size, industry or organisational complexity; all integrated within one singe interface.

Where our competitors’ clients would need to use 3 or 4 additional programs, outsourced to other companies, in order to run each aspect of their business NewBook takes care of it ALL in a single platform. Having countless options available for integrating with ‘Third Party Software’ has been of great benefit to all clients. This flexibility not only saves our clients time and money but also enables them to manage their business more efficiently and productively, thus minimising cost and increasing revenue. NewBook can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world on multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

NewBook is also the only product of its kind offering users the opportunity to put-forth suggestions and recommendations for new, additional features to be included in the platforms. All users are able to view the requests and chose to either like, dislike or further comment on them.

How do you hope the Elevate61 program will enhance your personal and professional skills?

From day one, my goal was not to simply become just another of many Property Management Systems on the market, but simply be the best. I embrace a culture of quality and continuous development.

I believe that the Elevate61 program will enhance my personal skills by spending quality time with likeminded A-list high performing entrepreneurs and the opportunity to discuss and compare our work ethics, morals and share our short and long term goals.

I believe my professional skills will be enhanced by the exposure of visiting other global corporations and having access to the expertise, customers and networks provided by the program.

Can you pinpoint what you’re looking forward to most during the US trip?

The USA has always been considered as Australia’s big brother. With many similar values, laws, systems, way of life and business ethics. These two countries have arguably one of the strongest economical and geo-political relationship, compared to any other two nations on the planet.

During my trip to the US, I wish to explore my prospective international target market and fast track NewBook’s global expansion. During the program I want to effectively meet, market and sell to potential clients as well as initiate new relationships with potential partners and future investors.

I wish to identify and explore my options and gain professional advice from some of the greatest minds in the industry. I believe this US trip will enhance my knowledge and open new horizons upon which solid future relationships will be bound.

What innovative company do you most admire?

Uber! It is a reliable and efficient company that has undoubtedly and unexpectedly excelled in a closed market. Despite ongoing controversy and discrepancies with government legislation, Uber has established an innovative and admirable business in over 45 countries around the globe, in a very short period of time.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Seeing the reaction on a new clients’ face when they start using my system!

The quality of a product or service is certainly important to the success or failure of a business, however, it is the quality of the customer experience that separates the great from the good, first place from second place, long term loyal customers versus one-time customers.

In today’s day and age, in order for a business to maintain its success and future sustainability; the focus can no longer be only on the objective advantage or benefit a client could gain while dealing with a company, but the subjective feeling a client develops from the total experience with that company.

Often, a company will use price, functionality, performance and other objective facts to demonstrate product superiority, which is fine, however a poor customer experience could supersede and cause those facts to no longer be as relevant in a client’s decision. A client’s feelings and emotions; in other words, how they were treated, becomes the determining factor in retaining a long term business relationship and ensuring impending repeat and referral business.

How important is cultivating (or maintaining) an innovative workplace culture for sustainable and competitive growth?

Innovative culture is an essential part of NewBook’s work environment. It is continuously cultivated in order to nurture unorthodox thinking and its application. Workplaces who foster a culture of innovation generally subscribe to the belief that innovation is not the province of top leadership but can come from anyone in the organisation.

NewBook is adopting some similar policies as that of Google and many other successful “new age” corporations, whereas their innovation cultures often measure employees based on metrics such as value creation (for customers as well as for shareholders) and competitive differentiation, instead of traditional metrics such as on-time delivery and revenue generation. Companies that foster innovative thinking also encourage discovery and find ways to reward time spent on the research required to generate new products and ideas.

At NewBook we create a balance between innovation and traditional believe our team is a true reflection and representation of NewBook culture. We provide a number of innovative incentives and activities to strive and continually improve our workplace environment in order to grow together as a team, such as Seminars, Staff Development Day, Training Academy, Volunteer Day Program and PowerFit at work.