Are you a tech startup looking to break into the US market?

If yes, then the elevate61 program is for you!

elevate61 is a two phase program designed to enable high performing Australian businesses to fast track their growth into the United States and beyond and it provides participants with facilitated access to an established network of successful Australian and US-based entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and global corporations.

We select:

  • 15 startups for the workshops, and
  • 10 qualified startups for the acceleration Tour to the US
  • The workshops will be held in Sydney, facilitated by highly experienced Australian and US-based subject matter experts, and aimed at tech-enabled Australian startups who are keen to understand the US market.

    We cover topics such as:

  • Establishing your business for and in the US
  • Developing a winning value proposition and pitch
  • Small market verses large market selling: who, what and how
  • Building a valuable network and mentors
  • Developing a structured path to fundraising – investor readiness
  • The workshops are also your chance to show us how your team works together, how your product delivers value and what value is delivered, how sound the business model is, how traction is building, and we get to show how Advance and KPMG provide value in terms of market reach, pitching, an understanding of the US venture capital landscape, as well as the differences in the Australian and US markets. The workshops give us a chance to assess the fit between your startup and the Tour program in order to invite those that can clearly benefit the most to participate.

    The US tour provides a first-hand experience to the US funding landscape, and will develop a startup’s ability to approach and sell to enterprise buyers, as well as build extensive networks of potential advisors, clients and investors.

    elevate61 alumni include simPRO, who recently raised $40 million for international growth and sendle, who raised $5 million in a Series A funding round earlier this year.


    Applications open: 25th October 2016

    Application deadline: 23rd December 2016

    Workshop dates: 6th to 8th February 2017

    Workshop fee: AUD$3,500 + GST per company (maximum of 2 company representatives)