elevate61 is the next step for Australia’s best high growth enterprise start-ups who have plans for global expansion.

“Given what I know now with regards to US expansion, I would definitely encourage companies to apply for elevate61. Having access to the expertise and networks provided by the program would have saved us significant amounts of time and money.” - Wayne Gerard, CEO & Co-Founder, Redeye

Connect with new markets.

A good business can become a great business with the right connections. elevate61 has been designed to help participants achieve rapid traction and growth in US via facilitated access to our US based network of global corporations, advisors and investors.

Prepare for big challenges.

Participants will embark on an intensive training program designed to highlight the various challenges they will face when building into a globally competitive business.

Connect with elite entrepreneurs.

elevate61 is a rare opportunity to mix with and join the A-list of high performing entrepreneurs.

Connect with potential clients and investors.

elevate61 provides participants the opportunity to build connections with our international networks of investors and clients in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, New York and Australia.

Experience and credibility.

elevate61 is backed by the global reputation of Advance and KPMG. We bring collective experience and credibility in driving rapid growth in new markets through many years running entrepreneurial programs.

What’s on offer?

  • Intensive Learning
  • Access to enterprise customers
  • Established network of Investors
  • Global advisor network
  • Access to KPMG Australia leaders
  • US Roadshow
  • Australian Roadshow
  • Connection with an elite group of entrepreneurs