Personal Profile

Andrew grew up in Brisbane, started his first company at age 17 and received a Young Australian of the Year Award for science and technology. Since then he has founded three different technology businesses including Ephox, where he is now the CEO. 

Ephox's rich text editing platform is downloaded more than 300 million times a year and is used to create more than 30% of the worlds websites. You could think of it as the 'word' in WordPress for those of you who are familiar with web publishing technology. Ephox is now headquartered in Palo Alto, California, but has more than half the team working in research and development in West End in Brisbane. 

Andrew graduated from the University of Queensland in computer science and has been an active member of the Australian community in Silicon Valley for the past ten years.

Areas of experience

Product Strategy, Monetisation and revenue growth, Platforms and channel marketing, Partnerships, Hiring, Team and culture development.

Industry Experience

Enterprise social software, Web content management / digital experience, Learning management, Marketing automation.

What's the one thing you wish you had known before moving to the US?




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