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Personal Profile

I left school at 16 and got straight into technology. Formed and sold my first company, a PC hardware supplier, by age 25. (You're probably too young to remember the 8088 CPU). Hardware is hard to scale! So, moved into SaaS development and consulting before co-founding Business Catalyst with Bardia Housman in 2004. We were acquired by Adobe in 2009. 

Role: 1) Building all the co-location servers, scaling and responsible for everything Database up to the .Net stack. 2) Build the Channel Partner network, Product Sales and Evangelism I've since founded and funded numerous PaaS/SaaS businesses within the Big Data Predictive Analytics and Multi-Vendor eCommerce space. My focus is building highly capable teams, scalable mid-tire and Enterprise SaaS businesses, strategic alliances, securing key deals and growing market reach. My passion is helping others and building long-term trust-worthy relationships. I love outdoor Adventure and scheming elaborate practical jokes. Looking forward to learning about what problem you want to solve and how I might add value.

Areas of experience

Product Strategy, Monetisation and revenue growth,Platforms and channel marketing,Partnerships,Hiring, team and culture development.

Industry Experience

Vehicle, Government (state), Health and Fitness, IT Verticals.

What's the one thing you wish you had known before moving to the US?

That the education and health system is broken. (Not great if you have kids) And the work ethic in CA is pretty lame compared with almost every other state/country I've worked in ;)



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