It has been an amazing three years and the time has come for elevate61 to wrap up the final year of the program.

Advance and KPMG Australia are extremely proud of the elevate61 program and the relationships and success stories that have resulted.  We are both dedicated to innovation have had a significant focus on helping Australian entrepreneurs build global companies from Australia via the elevate61 program and beyond.

Our vision for elevate61 was to help shape and empower Australia's entrepreneurial eco-system, leading to high value job creation and corporate and social growth for Australia. The Program was part of a strategic alliance between Advance and KPMG Australia designed to help fast track later stage Australian entrepreneurs and enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries.

This program was initially designed for three years, and much has changed in the Australian ecosystem in that time. Both Advance and KPMG Australia have mutually decided that it is now time to continue to help shape and empower Australia’s entrepreneurial eco-system through new strategic projects in their own rights and support each others new projects and programs to be developed in the future. To learn more about how Advance is aiming to do this please reach out to Karen at Advance, and how KPMG is aiming to do this please reach out to Amanda at KPMG.

As we wrap up the elevate61 program, we would like to share with you insights over the past three years – Venturing to the US.

We would also proudly like to acknowledge our program Alumni and thank all of our facilitators, contributors and guest speakers.

Should you wish to contact us about accelerating business growth into the US, here are the contact details of our experts from Advance and KPMG:

Serafina Maiorano | Global CEO | Advance |  serafina@advance.org

James Mabbott | Partner | KPMG Innovate | jmabbott@kpmg.com.au 

Karen Orford | Director, Business and Innovation Strategy| karen@advance.org 

Amanda Price | Head of High Growth Ventures | aprice8@kpmg.com.au